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  • Chronic Pain – A global concern  By Dr Tacson Fernandez

    A New Approach for Total Hip Replacement that allows faster rehabilitation without damaging any muscles

    By Mr Panos Gikas
    Consultant Orthopaedic and Sarcoma Surgeon
    Honorary Lecturer, Department of Physics, UCL

    Recently there has been an increase in interest in performing hip replacement surgery by less invasive means, and by smaller incisions. Some of these so called minimally invasive techniques however are only reduced skin incision techniques and are associated with the same muscle and/or tendon injury as “conventional” approaches.

  • Linda's story - Total knee replacement

    Linda's story - Total knee replacement

    Linda underwent a right Medacta total knee replacement. Due to her active lifestyle, Linda needed a special type of knee implant. The expert orthopaedic surgeon Mr Gikas ensured Linda’s operation was a success and the nursing staff gave her the very best care and comfort.

  • RNOH Private Care Patient-specific hip and knee replacements

    Patient-specific hip and knee replacements

    By James Donaldson
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Joint Reconstruction Unit

    Patient-specific hip and knee replacements are a relatively modern concept and are increasingly being used in an effort to improve clinical and functional results and long-term implant survival.

    Patient-specific instruments (PSI) are custom made on a case-by-case basis, specific to both the anatomy of the patient and the surgical plan created by the surgeon.

  • Peter's story - Anterior approach total hip replacement

    Peter's story - Anterior approach total hip replacement

    Peter suffered serious arthritis in his hip causing him pain, sleeping problems and reduced mobility. He underwent an anterior approach total hip replacement at the RNOH by Mr Gikas, consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Now, five weeks after surgery, Peter is able to sleep and walk with no pain and his quality of life has significantly improved.

  • Hip operation - Sophia's story

    Sophia's story - Hip surgery at RNOH

    Sophia wants to be a professional dancer/performer so it was crucial to her that the care she received from us would not limit her ability to dance. Through the skill of Mr Tahir Khan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, and the post-surgery rehabilitation offered by the RNOH, Sophia has the best chance of fulfilling her ambition to be a dancer. Hear Sophia's story.

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