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To protect you, your family and the staff of RNOH Private Care, we now have the facilities to offer video consultations. Your consultant will tell you if your appointment is to be carried out in this way and their practice secretary will provide you with all of the information you need to do this.

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Mr Robert Lee

Mr Lee studied medicine at UCL and completed a BSc in Orthopaedics with research into degenerative intervertebral discs. He completed the Vancouver Spine Fellowship and was appointed as a consultant spinal surgeon in Vancouver in 2010 and took up his current post at the RNOH in 2012.

During his time in Vancouver he developed his expertise in computer navigated spine surgery (O-arm and stealth navigation) and has performed hundreds of cases using this technology.

His work routinely involves highly complex cases that have been referred from centres around the UK. This includes degenerative, deformity, infection, tumour and trauma work. He specialises in minimally invasive fusions with the emphasis on preservation of the paraspinal musculature and fast rehabilitation.

He has authored 17 publications to date, has over 20 podium presentations and is a regular invited speaker at international and national conferences. He also serves as faculty on many courses.

Minimal access surgery, adult degenerative deformity and scoliosis, low back disorders, spinal trauma, infection, cervical disc disease and spinal tumours

Procedures Offered:
All spinal surgery excluding paediatric scoliosis. Specialises in minimally invasive lumbar fusion surgery including TLIFs, Lateral Interbody Fusions and ALIFs.

Clinical Interests:
Minimally invasive spinal surgery, adult deformity surgery, metastatic and primary tumours, computer navigated surgery.

Research Interests:
Minimally invasive spinal surgery, computer navigated spinal surgery, outcomes in adult degenerative deformity surgery.

Published Papers:

Lee RS, Schmidt J: Probing, Tapping, Toggling: Are we inserting pedicle screws properly. Accepted for publication by Spinal Deformity

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