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Mr Tom Quick

Tom Quick qualified with a BA (Hons) from Cambridge University in 1999 and completed his medical training at UCL in 2001.

He completed his Orthopaedic training on the renowned Bristol rotation and then undertook a twelve month Paediatric Orthopaedic fellowship in Sydney focusing on the Upper limb, a visiting fellowship at the Scottish Rite Hospital and then a nerve injury fellowship at the RNOH. Tom is one of four Consultant Surgeons in the Peripheral Nerve Injury Unit at the RNOH.

Peripheral Nerve surgery

Procedures Offered:
Birth Brachial Plexus Palsy (BBPP or Erb's palsy):
Primary assessment, primary brachial plexus surgery, Nerve grafting. Botulinum toxin therapy, secondary reconstruction of shoulder, elbow, forearm and hand through - nerve transfer and tendon transfer. Glenoplasty and shoulder rebalancing.

Adult Brachial Plexus Injury:
Primary assessment, primary brachial plexus surgery, spinal nerve re-implantation, secondary reconstruction of shoulder, elbow , forearm and hand through nerve transfer and tendon transfer, sensory nerve transfer. supra- and infra-clavicular plexal injury repair and reconstruction, Cocontraction therapy.

Peripheral Nerve Injury and compression in Upper and Lower Limbs:
Diagnostic assessment, injections, surgical decompression; (Thoracic outlet, cubital tunnel, carpal tunnel, Guyons canal, Tarsal Tunnel)

Peripheral Nerve Tumours:
Excisional biopsy treatment for Schwannoma, MPNST, Neuroma relocation.

Hand Surgery:
Reconstructive hand surgery for Ulnar, Radial or median nerve palsy, cubital tunnel, carpal tunnel, Guyons canal, peripheral nerve treatment of spasticity, nerve decompressions. Wrist and finger fusion. Tumour excision. Nerve repair.

Clinical Interest:
Tom's interests are Birth Brachial Plexus Palsy (BBPP or Erb's palsy) traumatic nerve injury, peripheral nerve treatment of spasticity, nerve injury and development in the growing shoulder and adult brachial plexus injury.

Tom has one of the largest obstetric palsy practices in the United Kingdom providing huge experience in this very focused field. He sees over 150 new patients with BBPP per year and has inherited the long term follow up of over 2500 patients whom he sees regularly. Tom also has an honorary appointment with Great Ormond St Hospital and the Evelina Children's Hospital where he operates on children with significant co morbidities, and the Defence Medical Rehab Centre at Headley court where he provides a monthly clinic for nerve injured servicemen and women.

As part of providing a national referral service for Adult and paediatric brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injury Tom has a large experience of traumatic supra- and infra-clavicular plexal injury repair and reconstruction. Microsurgical graft and transfer and secondary reconstruction cases are managed through a rapid access clinic with structured follow up and rehabilitation programmes to support these patients. Treatment of co-contraction is another area of clinical expertise in both adults and children where Tom has a focused interest. Tom also maintains his Hand surgery interest for non-arthritic hand conditions.

Research Interests:
Tom has research collaborations across UCL within the Nerve Regeneration Network and the Nerve Engineering Group and is currently engaged in exploratory science projects towards the rate of nerve regeneration, MRI neurography and cell therapies towards augmenting and improving nerve regeneration.

His clinical projects centre around Birth Brachial Plexus palsy assessment and treatment, co-contraction, improvements and quantification of nerve recovery and surgical education topics. Tom has just registered an MD (res) project to be undertaken part time over the next two years.

Tom has secured over £70,000 of funding for his research since appointment and is pursuing large scale funding now for the RCT.

Tom is Head of Undergraduate Education at the Division of Surgery at UCL. He has a strong commitment to improving surgical education through developing professional skills, skills training and promoting surgical careers.

Publications & Presentations:
Tom has authored book chapters on nerve injury in text books including the 7th Ed of Greens Hand surgery. Tom has written many peer reviewed publications in high impact journals and regular lectures and teaches both nationally and internationally.