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Coronavirus Information

In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and in line with national guidance, we have suspended our private elective admissions as we support our colleagues in the NHS. 

We are continuing to provide outstanding care for private patients within the Trust’s urgent care pathways and we are also offering selected outpatient consultations via video conference or telephone.

If you are an existing patient and have any questions about your treatment, please contact your consultant or their secretary directly.

For new patients that require urgent treatment or would like to be kept informed of when we can begin to accept elective admissions, please call our enquiry team on 0208 909 5114 or complete the contact form.

We want to thank you for your understanding at this time.


Our private patient office team will always be happy to help

Whether you have private health insurance, choose to pay for your own treatment or have your treatment funded through a third party, you will usually be referred to one of our consultants and this referral will provide valuable background information, medical history and a general overview of your problem. If you don’t have a consultant in mind, we can help you choose an appropriate consultant, based on their specialist areas of expertise and availability. Our private patient office team will always be happy to help.

Your referral will usually come to us from your general practitioner (GP) but many of our patients are referred to our hospital by their existing consultant from their local hospital. This is because we provide second opinions, and specialist care for very complex or rare conditions, sometimes related to complicated revision surgery where previous surgery has been unsuccessful or caused problems. In effect, our consultants are “the experts’ experts”.

Private health insurance companies will insist on a referral before they can fund treatment.

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